About Us

The value of Vietnamese tea culture is not in the quantity but in the quality. A perfect tea must be of premium class, grown with care in the ideal soil and with the perfect climate, picked at the right time and carefully processed. This is the only way to ensure the perfect tea product.


DoiDep brand established itself as one of the first sources of whole bean gourmet coffee and loose-leaf teas in Viet Nam. We began roasting our own coffee rather than buying from a third-party supplier, so that we could ensure the quality and consistency of our product. As we grew, we acquired our own roastery. All roasting is done in our classic Turkish roasters in the old-world tradition — in small, hand-tended batches.

DoiDep is luxury brand that not only provides an extensive collection of the highest quality of premium coffee and loose-leaf teas but also seeks to revolutionize the industry to deliver an extraordinary and unparalleled experience.


Our core values are centered on quality, freshness, sustainability and accountability. We look very carefully at the approach and practices of our Lam Dong farmers to ensure that sustainable, eco-aware practices are followed, and that everyone involved in producing the estate’s coffees and teas is fairly and properly compensated — and that all of the foregoing can be verified.

At DoiDep, loose leaf teas are preferred due to its rich and smooth flavor as they release less tannins, as compared to finely grounded teas that contain a mixture of teas rather than a pure tea itself. As a result of which, our teas can be consistently enjoyed over a period time without any change in its flavor nor aroma.


Coffee cupping, or Thưởng thức as we say in Vietnamese, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. The taster measures aspects of the coffee’s taste, specifically the body, sweetness, acidity, flavor, and aftertaste. We cup all of our bean selections to make sure they meet our high standards before choosing them to carry them in our stores, restaurants and resorts across Viet Nam.

We also believe that an estate’s careful stewardship of the land and the crop is reflected in a superior cup quality. All our coffees and teas are produced by small, family-owned estates in Lam Dong Province. This philosophy of Indispensable has guided our company from a very beginning. We are grateful for our many loyal friends and customers and we continue to welcome new coffee and tea lovers who are looking for something special.

Specialty Produce

We select only the finest quality specialty loose leaf teas, from our own farms across Lam Dong Province, including; plantation, co-operative, organic, ethical and eco-friendly crops. Our teas have been through a meticulous selection process, and represent the top grade produce available each season.

Đôi dép vô tri khắn khít bước song hành
Chẳng thề nguyền mà không hề giả dối
Chẳng hứa hẹn mà không hề phản bội
Lối đi nào cũng có mặt cả đôi.

Không thể thiếu nhau trên những bước đường đời
Dẫu mỗi chiếc ở một bên phải, trái
Như tôi yêu em bởi những điều ngược lại
Gắn bó đời nhau vì một lối đi chung.