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The value of Vietnamese tea culture is not in the quantity but in the quality. A perfect tea must be of premium class, grown with care in the ideal soil and with the perfect climate, picked at the right time and carefully processed. This is the only way to ensure the perfect tea product.

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Tea Culture

The home of DoiDep tea is the extensive Kinglo tea plantation, on the outskirts of Bảo Lộc town. Thanks to the cool climate throughout the year, high humidity and basalt soil, Bảo Lộc has become the main tea production site in Vietnam, especially the premium Oolong tea, comparable in quality to natural Chinese and Taiwan Oolong.



The DoiDep brand is inspired by the pleasure of a cup of green oolong tea, the taste of coffee from the slopes of Bao Lok, and DoiDep's desire to share this pleasure with the world.